• 2017

    03 Exported maltive wireless fire system
    04 Development of large evacuation indicator (wireless interlocking type)
    06 Exporting and installing the wireless fire system of Besco clark company,
    08 Entered the fire system interlocking wireless cctv business
    10 Developed the wireless fire alarm with evacuation guidance wire

  • 2016

    03 Developed a Wireless Pedometer
    05 Developed a hybrid wireless alarm able to detect gas and fire
    07 Developed a wireless fire extinguisher cart for temporary fire fighting system (ZWCP-V)
    10 Registered by the Public Procurement Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy (Emergency lighting)

  • 2015

    08 Wireless fire detector CE certification (2 kinds) obtained
               CE part CE certification - CE Radio part
               EMC part CE certification -CE EMC part
    10 Wireless fire receiver development
    11 Wireless pedometer Development
    12 Developed a cart for emergency fire extinguisher
               Selected as a procurement enterprise by Public Procurement Service

  • 2014

    08 Development of a wireless fire detector for visual alarm
    11 Developed a wireless repeater ZENESIS WR-V1
    12 Developed a ZENESIS Combination Fire Detector & App

  • 2013

    02 Participated in the US FIRE HOUSE
    05 Kazakhstan TZ company ZPEL - 911
               first export venture company certification
    09 Developed ZENESIS WSSD-1 for visual alarm

  • 2012

    02 Exhibited ZPEL Portable Emergency Light in the Dubai Fire Safety Fair
    10 ZEPL 911 CE Acquired and participated in the Japan Disaster Prevention Fair
    11 Participated in the Fire Safety Fair, Paris

  • 2011

    04 Established ZION manufacturing and development company
    06 Acquired Q mark for portable emergency lighting
    09 Acquired Patent for Evacuation Indicator
    11 Acquired utility model for portable emergency lighting & EL inverter
    12 Acquired ISO9001